I would like to introduce myself as a tutoring solution for your at risk students.  The task of helping to build confidence and skills for the less than intuitive reader and writer is what I love to do.  I’ve been serving Central Ohio for twenty-three years and I’ve had the opportunity to assist approximately 100 students reach their goals in academic success.  This has been a rewarding career for me.  My husband and I are relatively new residents of Knox County and I am reaching out to help struggling students in my new community.   

     I have many skills and techniques to aid the struggling student gain mastery in the areas of reading and writing.   I use techniques that I’ve carefully researched and taught over the years to bring success in each of my students.  I teach lessons that are action oriented with auditory, visual, and kinesthetic elements reinforcing each other for optimal learning. The student learns spelling simultaneously with reading and writing. They become independent achievers as they develop their own abilities and skills that they can use with a multitude of subjects and curriculum.  

     What I have to offer is a structural, sequential, and cumulative tutoring program.  First, I evaluate each student so the lessons are individualized and prescriptive.  Then we work up a program that addresses the individual needs of the student.  I build a strong foundation and then add elements that create interest and variety.  The students I have worked with are not only learning, but are enjoying learning as well.  

     One of my past clients wrote: “I truly cannot put into words the abilities of Mrs. DeMers and her skills as a teacher.  She supports the parent and the student so that reinforcement of these newly learned skills are built upon and reinforced.  The true signal of her abilities is the success that my son is having in the second grade.”  Ellen B.
     I would be willing to provide you with more referrals and client experiences at your request.   There’s nothing more gratifying to me than seeing a student succeed at reading and writing and become excited about learning and school.  The rewards for my students are not just about academic success; it’s about having a building block towards their successful futures.  I know that your at risk students can benefit from the experience and training that I have.  Please contact via email, BratyHeart@Aol.com, before all my available spaces are filled.